Stage Models

Stage models are all around us:

stages of childhood,
stages of leadership,
stages of grief,
stages of a career,
stages of retirement,
stages of marriage,
stages of teams,
stages of organizations,
stages of spiritual growth,
even stages of falling in love.

Stage models provide roadmaps that lead us to a better understanding of our environment, ourselves, and others. Many authors, researchers and thinkers use the stage framework to explain and organize their ideas. Additionally, all of us naturally build and use stage models everyday, often attributing our own and others’ behavior to a “stage.”

Our forthcoming book STAGE INTELLIGENCE: Secrets of Happiness and Success is aimed at helping readers achieve a higher level of skill in understanding, identifying, and using stage models. We call this set of skills Stage Intelligence or SI. A higher level of SI helps increases insight and effectiveness across a broad spectrum of life’s opportunities and challenges.

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Chrismon Nofsinger, Ph.D.
Nofsinger Group

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